Hi everyone!!! Sorry about the hiatus in my posts… 😦 Today I want to talk about something that let me very confused sometimes: W-Fragen!!! Once I was learning about directions in German class, when I was living in Germany, and my teacher asked me to ask “Where is the classroom?“, and I said: ,,Wer ist der Unterricht?” Have you noticed my mistake?! Yeaaah, you are right… I was asking “Who is the classroom?” HAHAHAHAHA! And he got confused and asked me again… and again… and then he realized that I was confusing German with English… because “Wer” means who and “Wo” means where. So here are some examples for you to not get confused too:



Wie ist Ihr Name? (What is your name?) Mein Name ist Aline Aguiar. (My name is Aline Aguiar.)
Wie heißen Sie? (What is your name?) Ich heiße Aline Aguiar. (My name is Aline Aguiar.)
Woher kommen Sie? (Where are you from?) Ich komme aus Brasilien. (I’m from Brazil.)
Wohin möchten Sie? (Where are you going?) Nach Aachen. (To Aachen.)
Was sind Sie von Beruf? (What is your profession?) Ich bin Ingenieurin von Beruf. (I’m engineer by profession.)
Wer ist das? (Who is that?) Ich glaube, das ist Veronika Winter. (I think that is Veronika Winter.)
Wo arbeitet Herr Haufiku? (Where does Mr Haufiku work?) Bei Siemens. (At Siemens.)
Wo wohnt Frau Barbosa? (Where does Ms. Barbosa live?) In München. (In Munich.)
Wie ist die Adresse von Herrn Palikaris? (What is the address of Mr. Palikaris?) Ludwig-Landmann-Str. 252. (Ludwig-Landmann-Str. 252.)
Wie ist die Telefonnummer von Frau Dias? (What is the phone number of Ms. Dias?) Ich weiß es nicht. (I do not know.)
Wie alt bist du? (How old are you?) Ich bin 27 Jahre alt. (I’m 27 years old.)
Wie lange sind Sie schon in Deutchland? (How long have you been in Deutchland?) Erst / schon 3 Monate. (Only / already 3 months.)
Wann und wo sind Sie geboren? (When and where were you born?) 1986, in Rio de Janeiro. (1986, in Rio de Janeiro.)
Was möchten Sie trinken? (What do you like to drink?) Einen Apfelsaft… Nein, einen Kaffee, bitte. (An apple juice … No, a coffee, please.)

So, don’t get confused guys!!! LOL

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