Die Familie

Good morning!!!

Sunday is usualy a day to reunite our family… and I’m here writing a post hahahhaa… well, I like to do it aaaand I’m going to talk about family today!!! ❤

I’m inspired today and just to make this post a little bit “laid-back” I made the Family Tree (,,Stammbaum“) of the craziest and funniest character: Homer Simpson!!!



die Großeltern (grandparents)
die Großmutter (grandmother) der Großvater (grandfather)
die Eltern (parents) die Mutter (mother) der Vater (father)
die Kinder (children) die Tochter (daughter) der Sohn (son)
die Enkelkinder (grandchildren) die Enkeltochter / die Enkelin (granddaughter) der Enkel(sohn) (grandson)
die Geschwister (siblings) die Schwester (sister) der Bruder (brother)
andere (other) die Tante (aunt) der Onkel (uncle)
  die Nichte (niece) der Neffe (nephew)
die Schwiegereltern (in-laws) die Schwiegermutter (mother-in-law) die Schwiegervater (father-in-law)
  die Schwiegertochter (daughter-in-law) der Schwiegersohn (son-in-law)
  die Schwägerin (sister-in-law) der Schwager (brother-in-law)


Are you able to talk about your family? Here are some examples of sentences to help you:

Ich habe (I have)…

  • … einen Mann (a husband) / eine Frau (a wife) / einen Freund (a boyfriend) / eine Freundin (a girlfriend).
  • ein Kind (one child) / zwei (two) /drei (three) / keine Kinder (no children).
  • einen Sohn (one son) / eine Tochter (one daughter) / zwei Söhne (two sons) / zwei Töchter (two daughters).
  • einen Bruder (one brother) / eine Schwester (one sister) / zwei Brüder (two brothers) / zwei Schwestern (two sisters).

Meine Familie ist (My family is)…

  • groß (big) / klein (small).

Ich lebe (I live)…

  • bei meinen Eltern (with my parents) / mit meinem Partner (with my partner) / mit meiner Partnerin (with my partner) / allein (alone).

Ich bin (I am)…

  • verheiratet (married) / geschieden (divorced) / Single (single) / ledig (unmarried).


  1. der Akkusativ – In English the accusative case is known as the objective case (direct object). In German you can tell that a noun is in the accusative case by the masculine article, which changes from “der/ein” to ,,den/einen“. The direct object functions as the receiver of the action of a transitive verb. Note that the verb ,,haben” is an example of a transitive verb.
  2. der Dativ – In English the dative case is known as the indirect object. Unlike the accusative, which only changes in the masculine gender, the dative changes in all genders (“der/ein” to ,,dem/einem“, “die/eine” to ,,der/einer” and “das/ein” to ,,dem/einem“) and in the plural (“die/keine” to ,,den/keinen“). Certain German prepositions are governed by the dative case. That is, they take an object in the dative case. ,,Bei” and ,,mit” are examples of dative prepositions.

As I’ve promised before, I’ll talk more about ,,Akkusativ“, ,,Dativ” and ,,Nominativ” latter…


Read to the following paragraph for comprehension, then you can practice writing a similar one about your own family.

Die Familie Müller

Meine Familie ist nicht sehr groß. Wir heißen Müller. Meine Mutter heißt Ingrid und ist 46 Jahre alt. Mein Vater heißt Ulrich oder Uli. Er ist 48 Jahre alt. Ich habe einen jüngeren Bruder. Er heißt Markus und ist elf Jahre alt. Ich heiße Katrin und bin siebzehn Jahre alt.

The Müller Family

My family isn’t very big. We’re the Müllers. My mother is named Ingrid and is 46 years old. My father’s name is Ulrich or Uli. He is 48. I have a younger brother. His name is Markus and he’s eleven years old. My name is Katrin and I’m seventeen years old.

Exercises and listenings (source: http://german.about.com/library/anfang/blanfang09b.htm):


That’s all for today folks!!! Have a nice Sunday!!! 😉

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  1. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme.
    Did you create this website yourself or did
    you hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to design my
    own blog and would like to find out where u got this from.

    • Hi, thank you!!! I am using a theme called: “The Something Fishy Theme” and it is availlable on WordPress. I didn’t create this design!! It is really easy to use and I didn’t need to hire anyone to do it for me!! 😉

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