der Nominativ


After a welcome holiday… let’s go back to work, right?!!

Today we are going to learn more about the nominative case, which is nothing more than the subject of the sentence.

In German, every noun (person, place or thing), whether it refers to a pet, a thought, a planet, a tree, a car or a man, has a gender. However, it is the word (,,das Wort”), not the object or concept itself, that has gender. There are three possible genders for German nouns: masculine (,,der“), feminine (,,die“) or neuter (,,das“). The nominative plural of any gender is always ,,die“.

TIP!   The most common gender in German is the masculine, so keep that in mind the next time you’re guessing.

In the examples below, the nominative word or expression is in red:

Der Tisch ist toll. The table is great.
Das ist ein Bild. This is a picture.
Die Tiefkühlkost ist da hinten. The frozen food is over there.
Das ist eine gute idee. That’s a good idea.
Das sind keine Sonderangebote. The are currently no special offers.
Der Hund beißt den Mann. The dog bites the man.
Dieser Gedanke ist blöd. This thought is stupid.
Meine Mutter ist Architektin.1 My mother is an architect.
1 The nominative case can also be found in the predicate, as in the last example. The verb “is” acts like an equal sign (my mother = architect). But the nominative is most often the subject of a sentence.

Take a look at the following mindmap:

Nominative Mindmap

Nominative Mindmap

That’s all for today!!! See ya!!! \o/

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