color adjective

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I know that I’ve not been writing for a very long time… but I do have been checking who is visiting my blog and answering their questions and compliments!! I’m really happy that a lot of people (more than 2000 today) from all of the world are reading my blog (I didn’t expected that at first!)…

Today I want to write something, because today ,,Deutsch jeden Tag” is getting old!!!! 1 year sharing knowledge about German language!!! 😀


Aaahh, from now on I am going to write more, because I’m back to Germany and I want to learn fast!!! 😉

Today I’m going to talk about German words for colors. It is recommended to remember German colors  and adjectives declensions typ 1, typ 2 and typ 3 before!

German words for colors usually function as adjectives and take the normal adjective endings (with some exceptions):

,,der rote Wagen” (the red car)

,,die rosa Rosen” (the pink roses)*

,,ein blaues Auge” (a black eye)

,,die hellblaue Bluse” (the light blue blouse)**

,,die dunkelblaue Bluse” (the dark blue blouse)**

,,der grüne Hut” (the green hat)

,,die gelben Seiten” (yellow pages)

,,das weiße Papier” (the white paper)

,,der schwarze Koffer” (the black suitcase)

*Colors ending in –a (lila, rosa) do not take the normal adjective endings.
**Light or dark colors are preceded by hell– (light) or dunkel– (dark), as in hellgrün (light green) or dunkelgrün (dark green).


  1. In certain situations, colors can also be nouns and are thus capitalized:

,,eine Bluse in Blau” (a blouse in blue)

,,das Blaue vom Himmel versprechen” (to promise heaven and earth, lit., “the blue of the heavens”)

So, that’s all for today!! Hope you like it!!! 😀