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Hello workers from all of the world!!!!

Today is the “International Workers’ Day”, also known as “May Day”…

I remember where I was on May Day last year…. and I would like to share with you an experience I had in Germany… it was culturally new for me…

First, read about their tradition:

On the night of the last day of April, many young men erect small decorated ,,Maibäume” in front of the houses of their sweethearts. Some attach a red heart with the name of the girl written on it to the tree.

In Germany they also decorate tree or tree trunk that is usually erected either on 1 May or on the evening before.  The maypole, or ,,Maibaum“, is a tradition going back to the 16th century. If the tree is erected on the eve of 1 May, then the event is usually followed by a May dance or ,,Tanz in den Mai“.


Now, abou my last May Day…

I’d just arrived in Aachen from the “Queen’s Day” in Amsterdam… I was wearing a beautiful orange crown (just like a princess hahahhaa)… when I saw a guy riding his bike with a huuuuge ,,Maibäume“… it was so beautiful and lovely to see a boy at daybreak carrying it to the house of his sweetheart… he was riding the bike in a sinusoidal way… and my friend and me were speculating if he was drunk… when suddenly he fell off the bike hahahaha… sorry, but that scene was funny!