die Farben

Grüezi!!! (So sagen viele Leute in Schweiz für “Guten Tag!”)

Today I will post to you some new vocabulary: ,,die Farben” (colors)

The German words for colors usually function as adjectives, but, in certain situations, colors can also be nouns and are thus capitalized.



 pink  rosa
 blue  blau
 light blue  hell-blau
 dark blue  dunkel blau
 green  grün
 yellow  gelb
 orange  orange
 brown  braun
 beige  beige
 violet  violett
 lilac  lila
 white  weiß
 black  schwarz
 gray  grau
 turquoise  türkis
 silver  silber
 gold  gold

NOTE! Light or dark colors are preceded by ,,hell-” (light) or ,,dunkel-” (dark)

For you to practice, here is a memory game I found on http://german.about.com. Have fun!! 😉

Adé!!! (So sagen viele Leute in Schweiz für “Tchüss!”)